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Exploring the Lithuanian Holocaust with author Ellen Cassedy
Feb. 1, 2013, JTNews, Seattle, WA.
Diana Brement talks with Ellen about her journey to Lithuania.

CNF Conversations: An Interview with Ellen Cassedy
Julija Sukys, author of Epistolophilia: Writing the Life of Ona Simaite, asks about Holocaust bystanders, the “gray zone,” Yiddish study, and the Lithuanian language.

Historic wounds never heal
May 28, 2012, The Lithuania Tribune
“When I visited Lithuania, I was the first in my family to set foot on Lithuanian soil in nearly half a century….”

Author of book on the history of the Holocaust in Lithuania to hold reading at Lithuanian Embassy
March 21, 2012, The Lithuanian Tribune

Lithuanian life lessons shape writer
November 25, 2011, Cleveland Jewish News
“Today there are brave Lithuanians who refuse to keep their heads down any longer and are willing to take a hard look at things, to heal old wounds, and to develop a dialogue to prevent future genocides.”